Principal Message

Dear Parents, As we mark the fifth year of stability and growth, we look back in amazement to see significant physical growth form mere 60 to over 1200. This is the recognition of BIPS indefatigable effort to give you the taste of global learning experience. By our affiliation to Cambridge University and adopting the very popular 'Cambridge Primary Programme', we have grown in international standard. Our students have taken three checkpoint examinations so far, and they have qualified for the 'Cambridge lower secondary checkpoint examination that will be launched in 2017. This was a challenging journey to encourage Middle Eastern non-native English speakers to attempt an international benchmark assessment as early as the age of 12. Of course, without your wholehearted support, none of these could have been possible. Parents have been watchful and inquisitive witnesses of these amazing five years. Their constructive criticism and consistent prodding helped us look through their eyes and achieve the goal that was not easy to attain. I must record my sincere appreciation and gratitude for stopping by for a moment and tossing the complement or suggestion as they walk past me early in the morning. I strongly believe, parents who take a genuine interest in their child's institution are those who take that institution to the higher level. I must say; BIPS has been blessed with many educated and thoughtful parents who have been building the reputation of this school as one of the best schools across the region.   We want to involve our parents further to play a significant role in their child's life by launching 'Parent Participation Programme' fully in the year 2015-16. The school will also begin Year 9 of Cambridge lower secondary programme. We will do our best to facilitate much-awaited afternoon sport programme and remedial classes by this academic year.   Here we are ready to begin yet another success story! "To make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from" T.S Eliot  

Dr. Mohan

Class: Grade 4,5,6,7,8 & 9
  Bienvenue a` tous!

Hello everyone!

A mediocre teacher tells

A  good teacher explains

A  great teacher INSPIRES


I consider myself to be an enthusiastic and focused teacher who is committed to giving young children the best possible education in life and thrive on working in busy, hands on, creativeenvironment . My goal through a creative approach is to devise and develop ways to encourage pupils and to help them deepen their knowledge and understanding. I am dedicated to building supportive relationships with not only the students in my care but also with parents and fellow teachers, all with the hope of promoting and reinforcing students’ independence and self-esteem.

I have taught French as a first,second and even foreign language, at IGSE, GCSE, Edexel, DELF and AS Levels for the past fourteen years.

I feel really lucky to be part o the team at Brilliant International Private School, and I love teaching my students.

Class: English coordinatorYear(5-9)

English Teacher for Year 6 and 9

Profile: I am the English Coordinator for the upper primary, as well as a subject teacher for Year—


I am a British citizen, who studied and graduated as a Primary school teacher from specialist teaching university in the UK. My major is in Educational studies,this subject has allowed me to broaden my understanding of child development and how children learn best. The degree and hands on school experiences has moulded me into teacher that I am today.


I have a wealth of experience in teaching the National Curriculum in UK as well as the Cambridge curriculum in UAE.


This year will be my 4thyear teaching at BIPS, if your child is undergoing their checkpoint exams in English, then they are lucky, as he/she will be taught by me! I cannot wait to meet my new class, so that we can have fun, fun and fun!


If you wish to discuss the academic progress of your child,or have any queries,feel free to contact me via the school reception initially. Let us work together and build a good strong professional link to help support your child in their new academic year.




I have done Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

I have more than 10 years of teaching experience. I worked as an IGCSE ICT teacher; worked for 7 years at an International school in UAE Currently working in BIPS as ICT teacher/ Coordinator.


I have produced 100% result throughout my tenure and good number of ‘A’ grades.

I am a dedicated, resourceful and goal driven professional educator with solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child.

I have the aptitude to remain flexible and committed to professional ethics.




I am teaching Islamic for non arab students


I am from India.   I completed my master’s degree from Madras University, India.


I have always been interested in the noble profession of teaching therefore, my mind has always want to explore the innovative ideas to quench the thirst of knowledge for my students.

















Name: Amatul Noor Adamji





I am Biology Teacher. I am a passionate teacher who enjoys interacting with young minds. I believe that these young minds are our future generations and it is imperative for me as a teacher to embed values and awareness in them through actions ensuring that they become compassionate global citizens.


My interests in pedagogy include:

Keenness to learn new and advanced techniques in Pedagogy.

Devising techniques in teaching in order to keep learners engaged and motivated.

Providing challenging opportunities to students by encouraging them to think critically and analyze real life situations.






I have completed my Bachelor degree in Physical Education


My specialization is in physical fitness and swimming.


I have 6 years’ experience of working in sports clubs and schools in the UAE.

I feel proud to be a part of BIPS family.



Name: Arshiya Anjum Syeda




I hold Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application and Diploma in Animation and Multimedia.


I love to teach my subject with various interactive and fun methodologies.

I love to surf around the internet, to know more about new generation technologies.






I am an English teacher in the Secondary level. I have been teaching the English subject (Language, Reading & Literature) for almost eight years.

I believe that my intensive experience in teaching has helped me to become an effective teacher.

With a BS degree in Education, Major in English and as a board passer, plus units in graduate study on Master of Education, Major in English,


I have a full understanding of the full life cycle of teaching English.








I believe “Education is the strongest weapon you could use to change the world” as Nelson Mandela had said.It is always my passion to educate myself and educate others as well





I’m social studies teacher , I’m from Egypt , I finished my university education from Alexandria university , I have also a graduate studies in education and I have 5 years’ experience in teaching field between my country Egypt and Emirates .

I love my work, I hope to achieve more success in my work with my students to learn them more knowledge.

I’m always here to help the students to make them discover the world around us because my subject have a lot of information across all the other sciences.


Name:  Hana Al-Homsi




I am very glad as an Arabic Teacher for non arab students.  Educated from my beloved Syria, I worked in many Government schools and government departments as well as the UAE Embassy.


 I started my career as a teacher in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in 1996.

Teaching is a profession which I love immensely. My students are like my own sons and daughters

Name: Irina Savostina




I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in University of Physical Education in Kazakhstan

. I have selected the teaching field as my career because I love to impart knowledge of physical activity to my students.

I have high expectations for your child and l will do all that I can to help your child achieve these expectations.


Name: Jamila kutkut



I have extensive experience in teaching Arabic studies (Arab and non-Arabs) inside and outside the UAE: I spent 7 years outside UAE and I spent 16 years inside UAE:


I have a diploma in Arabic language.


I will be your child’s Arabic language teacher. I hope and plan to share my knowledge and experience in order to find ways in which we can help improving your child’s education not only for academic success but for to contribute with the development of the country.

If you need any further assistance or have queries regarding your child, please do not hesitate to contact me.
























Name:  Khawla Safi  Hassoneh



I am teaching Arabic for non arab students


I have a Bachelor Degree in Education and Learning  (Arabic).from Jordan

I’ve worked in KSA for three years as an Arabic teacher.


My message is to:

ü  Create safe classroom environment based on respect and justice.

ü To increase the awareness and the importance of loyalty to the country and the leader.

ü To improve the student’s ability and skills to deal with all aspects of their live.

ü To improve the student’s ability of critical thinking and problem solving.


My vision:

To create spectacular and creative generation who is capable of using technology.  And at the   same time moral generation with bright    speculation of the future.


Name: Meliza Cleofas Benavidez




I graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree in Mathematics.

I have 9 years teaching experience both in primary and secondary levels. I spent 6 years of teaching here in the UAE.

I believe to be a successful Maths teacher, it is not enough for the students to be able to “do the maths”, but to solve word problem or perform the operations. Ultimately, I wanted them to experience mathematics for themselves as an exciting, useful, creative and sense-making activity.



Name: Mercy Nasambu Wabwile



I am Science Teacher. I have a bachelor’s degree in Education Science from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. My major subject is Chemistry; Physics as minor.

I have more than 2 years of experience in teaching.

I am a dedicated teacher and willing to change and improve the life of your children.






I am Mathematics Teacher. Started teaching in august 2006 (under the national service scheme), teaching has always been a delight and has created an opportunity for me to contribute to the development of students by the impartation of knowledge, skills and values.

My utmost purpose of teaching is to ensure that my students attain the most desirable and acceptable levels of knowledge (in math), skills and values for life.


My purpose of teaching, professional responsibilities is synonymous to the mission of the brilliant international school (bips)

As i’ve ‘put my hands to the plough’ as a mathematics teacher, it’s my fervent desire that together we can achieve the task of producing students with the highest social, physical and academic achievement for productive global citizens.


Name: Mohamed Rashad



I am teaching Arabic for arab students


I am a Native Arabic Speaker from Egypt. I graduated from Almansourah University Faculty of Education.

I hold vast teaching experiences both in Egypt and in the United Arab Emirates, where I have taught Arabic across all levels and ages.


I have taught both Arab and Non-Arab students. I have taught in a wide range of curriculums ranging from Arabic, Indian, Pakistani and British).


I am very excited about teaching at Brilliant International Private School and 1 am looking forward to enticing the students with my fun yet versatile teaching strategies.


Name:  Muzmmal Rasool




I am a dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth.

I have 7 years of experience in teaching Urdu at various levels.

Self-directed, enthusiastic educator with a passionate commitment to student development and the learning experience.

Name Rasha awad shabaan




I am Islamic teacher from Egypt. I am teaching Islamic to the Arabs student.

My qualification is  bachelor’s degree in Arabic And Islamic Studies

I have ten year’s worth of experience both from EGYPT and Saudi Arabia.


I hope to teach my students all about the Islamic religion in a new way.  I want them to love Islam and know Islamic Doctrines and Worship.












I am Mathematics teacher


I Graduated from University of Rizal Systems with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Took supplemental units in Education to teach and passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers in 2004.


I have worked for various reputable institutions for about sixteen years as a Mathematics teacher and a Grade Level Chairman.




Name: Sara Magdy




I am from Egypt, I am graduated from faculty of fine arts.

I have more than 7 years’ experience in teaching art.

I believe that art is an inspiration source so I wish for all students to enjoy art this year.

Name: Ms. Saxeena Sylvester



I am a post graduate in English Literature and has also procured degree in Education. I have done specialization in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Trinity College London.


I am a dynamic and respected teaching professional with nearly 10 years of experience in teaching and administration. Experienced in handling leaners of all levels and in preparing learners for international Cambridge examinations like IGCSE, IELTS, BEC preliminary, BEC Vantage and GESE.


I am passionate about developing innovative, modern and effective teaching-learning methodology for children and has extensive expertise in conceiving and delivering strong interactive lessons, planning the curriculum, preparing and overseeing the lesson plans, training, guiding and mentoring of new teachers.

Name: Shadma Shamshad Ali




I am Mathematics teacher. I am postgraduate ( Master of Science). I have done B.ed from  Barkatullah   University,Bhopal.

I am highly motivated individual. I work with a high degree of energy and enthusiasm, often inspiring the same response   in people around me. I am a dedicated, ambitious person with 12 years of teaching experience. As classroom teacher built rapport with students and families from wide   range of cultural background.

As an experienced teacher, I would like to apply unique practices of teaching that get students interested in the subject. Dedicated and promising to satisfy educational needs and well-being of the students.


Name: Shagun Rawat
Qualifications: Masters degrees in English, (University of Mumbai India and University of New Orleans U.S.A.), Bachelors in Education, Diploma in Journalism, Diploma in Content Creation & Management (Specialization in Films), Post Graduate  Certificate in English Teaching(Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages).


Profile: Besides English, I have an extensive experience across different fields like communication skills, media, and training students in GRE, IELTS, as well as SAT exams. I will be one of the Year 5 teachers for the primary department. I look forward to continually contributing towards the educational environment with my experience of twenty one plus years and continue growing and adding to my repertoire of learning. It is always a challenge and an adventure to meet new students and continuously hone and update my skills to enthuse students and keep up their sense of wonder and curiosity about the English language.

Name: Sonali Majalikar




I have done my Master’s degree in Science with Major in Chemistry from Goa University, India.

I have worked in India as a Science Teacher and in U.A.E as a Class Teacher for Primary Grade.


“Education is the key to success in life and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.”






I am an experienced qualified PG Teacher with 16 years of varied teaching experience.

I would like to utilize knowledge and skills with strong dedication to students’ development and their educational needs.

I am resourceful with effective teaching style, self-motivated and willing to adopt changes for improvement and betterment of the educational system and social growth of students.

I am skilled in latest computer aided teaching, proficient in MS Office, Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and arranging events, seminars and presentations.


Name: Yasmin




I have completed Msc, Mphil.


I am a dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child .


I have 12 years of experience in teaching Science, especially Physics to the secondary and higher secondary students.






I have been working as a physical education teacher for the past 14 years in the UAE.


I have trained the primary and secondary students and prepared them for various interschool sports competitions.


Other than my qualification, I have got a special training in swimming, badminton and physical fitness.


I have completed a certificate course on Life guard skills.





Name : Rahila Sayed





I am teaching Arabic for Non- Arabs

I have a Bachelor Degree in Arts and Education. 

I have been working as a teacher for almost five years in the United Arab Emirates. I will do my best to guide and support your child in all aspects of academics.


Name: Zeinab  EL-sayed



I have a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma in  Education.


I am teaching Social Studies & Islamic for arab students


I am from Egypt. I graduated from Egypt in 2006. I have extensive experience of working as a teacher both in and out of the U.A.E.


This will be my sixth year in UAE. Teaching your child is a tremendous responsibility for me as well as a privilege.



Name: Nihad Shafiq al-Khatib



I graduated from the University of Emirates in Al- Ain in 1983. I am teaching Arabic for Arab Students


I have been teaching in the schools of the state ministry for 25 years of which eight years have been in private schools, , I love my job very much and always trying to develop my abilities and enhance students’ self-confidence to provide the best academic education.





Name: Dina Elsayed Egendy



I have a Bachelor Degree in Arts and Education.

 My specialty is in the field of teaching Arabic.


I will be teaching Arabic for Non-Arabs students this year. I have been working as a teacher for the past thirteen years, three years in my country and ten years in private schools in the United Arab Emirates

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