Principal Message

Dear Parents, As we mark the fifth year of stability and growth, we look back in amazement to see significant physical growth form mere 60 to over 1200. This is the recognition of BIPS indefatigable effort to give you the taste of global learning experience. By our affiliation to Cambridge University and adopting the very popular 'Cambridge Primary Programme', we have grown in international standard. Our students have taken three checkpoint examinations so far, and they have qualified for the 'Cambridge lower secondary checkpoint examination that will be launched in 2017. This was a challenging journey to encourage Middle Eastern non-native English speakers to attempt an international benchmark assessment as early as the age of 12. Of course, without your wholehearted support, none of these could have been possible. Parents have been watchful and inquisitive witnesses of these amazing five years. Their constructive criticism and consistent prodding helped us look through their eyes and achieve the goal that was not easy to attain. I must record my sincere appreciation and gratitude for stopping by for a moment and tossing the complement or suggestion as they walk past me early in the morning. I strongly believe, parents who take a genuine interest in their child's institution are those who take that institution to the higher level. I must say; BIPS has been blessed with many educated and thoughtful parents who have been building the reputation of this school as one of the best schools across the region.   We want to involve our parents further to play a significant role in their child's life by launching 'Parent Participation Programme' fully in the year 2015-16. The school will also begin Year 9 of Cambridge lower secondary programme. We will do our best to facilitate much-awaited afternoon sport programme and remedial classes by this academic year.   Here we are ready to begin yet another success story! "To make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from" T.S Eliot  

Dr. Mohan

Name: Reem Hafez
Qualification: B.A



With more than 17 years of professional teaching, leadership and management experience across different cultures and countries, Reem Hafez is a Nursery Manager, Supervisor and Educational Consultant, who has brought a vast array of innovational approaches to education methods in several different countries, such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Syria.

She was highly recognized by her artistic education curricula and programs for schools as well as kindergartens, and nurseries which enabled the young children to develop more creativity, sense of competition and most importantly experience of kindergarten International curriculum British, American, Turkish, and Arabic.

Class : FS 2G
Qualification: BSc. (PHYSICS HONS.)










I am a dedicated and qualified early childhood teacher with a passion for children’s learning and care, a highly trained elementary school teacher with 8 years’ experience working in preschool environments with children aged two to five. My objective as a teacher is to foster a positive learning environment for all students. I am from Nigeria.

My qualifications are as follow; Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (CACHE 1 & 2), IELTS (Band Score 7) from British Council and Bachelor of Science in Physics (B.Sc.).

A warm welcome to all the kids and their parents on behalf of Brilliant International Private School. Wishing all you parents good luck for this new beginning and hoping to work hand in hand for the betterment of your child and to give them a better future.

Class: FS1 C
Qualification: B.A English
Profile I was born and raised in Nigeria where I acquired my Bachelor’s degree in English with Literature as my major.

However, prior to me entering the university I had a certain attachment to children, so to be part of their growth and development I accepted a job teaching KG at a school managed by a Ministry (women affairs) that caters to orphan kids and then began my journey into education with 5 years’ experience and still counting.

My vision as an EYFS teacher is to help and nurture kids to learn in a fun-filled environment that helps individual child to grow: socially, physically, intellectually and independently based on the EYFS Curriculum. Thus my dream is to see my students build confidence, be free, happy, have fun and learn and be high achievers and that I hope to achieve as a class teacher of FS1.

I assure you that your child is in safe hands for I will take them into a wondrous adventure of Math, English and of Understanding of the World.


Name: Aya Mahmoud Mohamed
Class : FS 1 E, F, G, H
Qualification: Graduated from Helwan University in 2010



Welcome to Brilliant International School.I am Arabic teacher for FS 1 E, F, G and H. I worked for 2 years in Egypt. I worked for a year in Emirties school and Almrog in U.A.E. It’s my 1st year of teaching in Brilliant School.

Its a great pleasure in teaching children and I will do my best to ensure your child reaches his/her highest potential.

Class : FS 2 A
Qualification: MSc in Early Childhood Studies- Walden University Minneapolis, USA.
Higher National Diploma (HND) Computer Science
Ordinary National Diploma (OND) Computer Science



          It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you through this medium. My name is Miss Chidimma, from Nigeria. I graduated from Federal Polytechnic Oko, Nigeria with HND distinction in Computer Science. Presently, I am running a Master’s Degree program in Early Childhood Studies at Walden University.
I have 3 years work experience as a Math and Science teacher back in Nigeria. My passion for teaching and love for kids was still the driving force behind my relocating to the United Arab Emirates where I have been working as an EYFS teacher. My first experience was with School of Modern Skills Dubai, an American Curriculum School, where I worked from 2013 – 2014. I joined the BIPS team from 2014 till date as an EYFS English teacher.
I am really delighted to let you know that I will be your child’s class teacher for 2017-2018 Academic Session. There are no doubts that it is going to be a wonderful and interesting academic year for us as we work together to achieve our goals. Your child’s success is my priority and concern. Please feel free to contact me through the schools’ contact number when need arises.



Class : FS1 A
Qualification: Bachelor’s  Degree in Sociology (B. Sc)



Warmth welcome once again to this new promising academic year 2016-2017.


I am Mrs. Chioma Uchepeters Obike. I am from Nigeria. I will be responsible for your child in FS1 for this academic year. I have total 10 years of experience 6 outside UAE and 4 inside UAE This is my 6th  year teaching EYFS children  and I hope it will be a great adventure with all of them as I will give in my very best to bring out the excellence in them. I will not just be a teacher but also a mother to train and teach them patiently and make sure they get the best by the time we complete this journey of great achievements together.

I want to assure you that I will put in every effort required of me to see to their success, as it is my priority and concern, with reference to my years of experience and recommendations regarding teaching children.

I am looking forward to having a great walk with your child as we commence this year. I can be reached through the school portal.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Chioma Uchepeters Obike


Class : FS2 A, B, C, D
Qualification: Graduated from Alaxandria University in 2001



Welcome to Brilliant International School.

I am Arabic teacher for FS 2C, D, and H. I worked for 12 years in Egypt. I worked for a year in ALSHALLA school in U.A.E. It’s now my fourth year of teaching in Brilliant School.

I have great pleasure in teaching children and I will do my best to ensure your child reaches his/her highest potential.

Class : FS 2
Qualification: Diploma in Intensive Literary Studies



It’s my pleasure to introduce myself to you through this medium. I have eight years of teaching experience in the UAE and two years in my homeland. I strongly believe that each student in my class is an individual with their own beliefs, ideas and feelings. My teaching will be tailored to each student’s preferred way of learning so that they can all achieve to the best of their ability. I also believe that students should take an active role in their learning. My students will spend very little time listening to me talk at the front of the classroom. They will instead be active participating in all of the activities we do in the classroom.

Class : FS 2B
Qualification: Diploma in Early Childhood Education and primary School teacher training



I am immensely proud to be the guider and the mentor of your child for this year. I expect to work hand in hand with you to flourish your child’s future in a playful and a fruitful way.
I highly believe in that each child has his or her own phase of development, let us take it to consideration and allow our children to enjoy their childhood and learn.

I am a Srilankan. I own an experience of 10 years handling preschoolers with 8 years of experience in UAE.

My goal is to present well-mannered and literate children to face the future with confidence. Your involvement and interest is always expected and appreciated.


Name: Halima Abbas Mohammed Alreesi
Class :  FS 1 (A, B, C, D)
Qualification: Graduated from ajman in 2016



Welcome to Brilliant International SchoolI am an Arabic language teacher for
FS 1 (A, B, C, D). I worked for 2 years at Brilliant School and I am very happy to be here with the kids and everyone. It is a great pleasure to teach children and I will do my best to ensure your child reaches his / her highest potential and that I offer my best to the children and am happy to deal with every kid to teach them and offer my best to them.

Name: Kateryna Saprykina
Class : FS 1 – F
Qualification: Bachelor Degree of EYFS ( National Pedagogical University, Ukraine)



My name is Mrs. Kateryna, I am from Ukraine. I will be responsible for your child in FS1- F for this academic year.

I am hardworking, enthusiastic and experienced teacher. I have 5 years’ experience in Ukraine and 2 years teaching experience in UAE

Class : FS1 H
Qualification : Bachelor of English /
Early Childhood Education – Teachers Training University, Ukraine.
Profile : I am an ambitious, enthusiastic and success driven early childhood educator specialized in Early Childhood Education and Secondary Education with a working experience of 8 years.

I am also hardworking, a resourceful teacher and experienced in organizing events like assemblies, celebrations, etc.

I have capabilities in:
Curriculum design *Parent relation
Learning centers *Classroom management
Cooperative learning *Communication

For me teaching is not only about imparting knowledge but about playing a very important role in a student’s life which is why I am considered to be the next person after parents.

“Excellence in education comes about with excellence in attitude” and that is the motto I work on.

Class : FS 1
Qualification: Bachelor of Education



It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to FS1. Rest assured that a warm and caring teacher is here who wants all children in my class to become successful learners.
I am a licensed teacher who is from the Philippines and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. This is my 4rd year with Brilliant International School and I have 2 years teaching experience before in Dubai with British Orchard Nursery. The skills that served me well in my teaching career are my flexibility and understanding when dealing with young children.
I believe that every child should feel safe and valued as individuals when they are inside the class. I will work to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging and adaptive to the individual needs of your children.
It is my aim to work in partnership with you to provide the best early years’ experience for your child. Please feel that you can contact me through the school if you want to discuss about any thoughts you may have, your opinion and feedback is valued.

Class : FS2 E,F,G,H
Qualification: Bachelor Degree in Education Specialized in Kindergarten



We are so excited about going back to school.

I will be the Arabic Teacher for FS 1. I have been working as a teacher for seven years and this is the fivith year of teaching at Brilliant International Private School. Teaching and working with children is a joy to me so I’m looking
forward to getting to know you and your child in the upcoming weeks.
We will have many amazing experiences and fun opportunities to learn and grow.

I hope to be a partner with you in your child’s continued
learning in school and soaring to new heights.

Name: Ms Everlyn Mubanga
Class :  FS2 F
Qualification: Diploma in Early Child hood , Advanced Diploma Cache with UK,Diploma in Human Resources-UK










I have more than 5 years of experience in Teaching  here in the UAE.I have previously taught from Nursery up to FS2. I have a wide range of knowledge and experience in dealing with children of different backgrounds.My qualifications and experience makes me confident that I will do my best to be part of each child and help them in their holistic development.

Name: Ms. Mehroz
Class :  FS 2H
Qualification: Bachelors of Arts, Bachelors of Education and special training to teach in early childhood.










I have taught in the Elementary grade for three and a half years. I have worked at Deans International School for the past two years.1 year in Al Mrooj English Private school Sharjah and six month in Chubby cheeks nursery Dubai. I am interested in reading, writing and also I use latest forms of technology.
A warm welcome to all the kids and their parents on behalf of Brilliant International Private School. Wishing all you parents good luck for this new beginning and hoping to work hand in hand for the betterment of your child and to give them a better future. that I can utilize in my work.

Class: FS1 G
  • Bachelor Degree in English Modern Language









I am a Cameroonian with a B.A. Degree in English Modern Language and a Diploma in early years workforce (CACHE LEVEL 3) practitioner for early years education.

Children have God-given talents and as a practitioner for children from ages 0 to 10, I am committed to developing your child’s emotional, social and physical growth which are the prime areas of a child’s holistic learning and development.
I believe that each child is very unique and just need to be given an opportunity in a safe environment to thrive.

My experience as an EYFS practitioner for ten years has furnished me with a unique understanding about the growth and development of children of different age groups and their needs, interest and skills as they take on the journey of education. I have worked in Saint Mary’s Catholic High school Dubai, Apple International School Dubai and Mon Ecole Dubai .With the above experiences, I am patient and value each child and try to give my best in their holistic learning and development.

This is my sixth year working in BIPS as foundation stage 1 teacher. Your suggestions and co-operation will be highly appreciated in relation to your child’s growth and progression throughout this academic year. You could always contact me using the school directory in case need be.
Thank you!

Qualification: NCFE Cache Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator, QCF) UK.

Phonics in the Early Years (Certificate)

Introduction to Early Childhood Education and Care (Certificate)

Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons)




As a Certified Early Years Educator, I bring my warmth, efficiency and expertise to the learning environment and help children develop to become the pride of their school and parents. I also create a fun and exciting learning atmosphere where children learn while strengthening their skills through challenging, playful and child-centered activities/opportunities across the EYFS’ prime and specific areas of learning and development. At the same time, managing an enabling and stimulating classroom that adequately spur children to form meaningful positive relationships, explore, investigate and think critically and creatively with clear responsibility in all areas of teaching, assessment, evaluation, behaviour modification, identification of children needing additional help and support, early intervention, as well as coordination of academic and social activities and events.
I possess an outstanding communication skill with the children, staff and parents. I am also responsive and sensitive to children’s feelings, needs and interest.
I have 4years experience in the UAE.

Name: Reem Khalid Nofal
Qualification: Bachelor of art in English Literature.



I am from Jordan. I have an experience of around 8 years in UAE and KSA.

I have done my B.A. in English from Mutah University in Jordan. I have the experience to work in Kindergarten and admin too.

Thanks a lot to my school Brilliant that gave me the chance to work and to learn too.

Class : FS1 B



Warmth welcome to this new promising academic year 2017-2018.

I am Mrs. Sanjida Yesmin. I am from BANGLADESH. I am having 5 years’ experience in EYFS. This is my 5th year teaching EYFS children .My ambition is all the children must achieve every day. I will not just be a teacher but also a mother to train and teach them patiently and make sure they get the best by the time we complete this journey of great achievements together.

I want to assure you that I will put in every effort required of me to see to their success, as it is my priority and concern, with reference to my years of experience and recommendations regarding teaching children.

I am looking forward to having a great walk with your child as we commence this year. I can be reached through the school portal.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,


Class : FS2 C
Qualification: Graduated from Kotebe College of Teacher Education in English Language and Literature



I have attended courses in Early Childhood Care and Education at British University in Dubai. I have 12 years teaching experience in UAE as an EYFS teacher.

I am excited and looking forward to meet all the children. Also I’m very much eager to work with them and help to bring out their excellence and achieve their full potential. Hope it will be a great adventure throughout this wonderful and blessed year.

Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime regarding your child’s academic concerns.

Class : FS1D
Qualification: B.A English and French










Am called Sonia Ebako and from Cameroon and a holder of B.A in English and French. Its an honor to contribute to the nurturing and up bring of your child.
Growing up, I always had this natural love for kids. Their innocence and playful nature illuminates my day. As such, I became involved in their development from my early years in my life.
After graduating from the university, I finally made the happiest decision of my life by becoming an integral part of the development of these little adventurers. I taught as a nursery teacher from back home until now
I work under the principle that every children is unique and should be given the opportunity to shine and express him/ primary objective as an EYFS teacher will consist of helping the children with the different cognitive and model care routine, teach and improve different literacy skills and finally help them understand the world in which they live. Assisting the kids in their personal, social and emotional development as well is expressive arts is paramount. I will unleash the creative man in your child parents!!!!

Class: FS 1 E


Qualification B.A (ECONOMICS)& B.ED(ENGLISH)








I am Yasmin Taha from India an enthusiastic, co-operative and hardworking tutor towards the little ones my objective is to motivate children social and physical development. As I believe each child is unique and should give an opportunity to shine and explore.

Children are gifted with different types of talent in them and me as early years teacher where in looking n handling age group from 2-5 years of children and have been working in rosary school,shj intl pvt schoolwith my this nine years of experience I’m able to nourish and polish children holistic learning and development.

Your child is like a raw diamond from the earth. I cherish him/ her and would therefore do my best to shape him/her into the beautiful diamond / that he she really is.

Looking forward to walk with your child and have wonderful year ahead u can contact me through school dairy any time .

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